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Two Locations Serving Southwest Las Vegas & Summerlin Since 1991

Benefits of Using Tanning Lotion

  1. Without lotion, UV light takes 7-10 minutes longer to penetrate dry skin. 
  2. Tanning lotions replenish moisture to skins extends the life of your tan. 
  3. Dry skin reflects UV light. 
  4. Increases production of melanin, speeding up the tanning process
  5. Tans last longer, and look better.

Additional Rio Tan Products

  • Designer Skin
  • Devoted Creations
  • Ed Hardy Tanning Lotion
  • Hempz
  • EAT ME GUILT FREE Tuxedo Brownies
  • Quest Protein Chips
  • Lean Body
  • Celsius drinks
  • Powercrunch bars
  • Alkanix water