Red Light Therapy

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Red Light Therapy is a treatment that uses infrared light to help skin, muscle tissue, and other parts of your body heal. Infrared light therapy has a variety of benefits and can be part of an overall wellness routine. Red light therapy treatments can be used to aid in faster healing, immune boosting, anti aging, mood enhancement, muscle recovery and more. Read more about the benefits below.

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EXCELL wavelengths and their benefits:

440m – heals sun damage, treats acne, relives SAD (seasonal affective disorder)

525m – increases bodies serotonin uptake, aids circadian rhythm, increases overall energy, reduces inflammation, treats acute and chronic pain

630m – wrinkle reduction, general skin care, acne treatment, hair regrowth, and treatment of common skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis

660m – reduced inflammation, accelerates wound and injury healing, scar reduction, decreased swelling and inflammation, pain relief, reduced muscle fatigue with exercise

670m – provides supportive benefits to 630 and 660 nm, offers powerful skin rejuvenation, sleep benefits and enhanced energy for overall wellness

810nm – faster wound and injury healing, improved brain injury recovery, treatment of depression, anxiety, and other psychological disorders, accelerated stroke recovery, enhanced athletic performance, and decreased recovery time after a workout

830m – bolsters anti-aging, sun damage repair and broken capillaries, treats cellulite, scar tissue, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, aids with would healing and pain from injury

850m – enhanced muscle recovery, anti-aging, accelerated wound and injury healing, quicker muscle recovery, and reduction of inflammation

980m – invisible healing wavelength felt by the human body relieves sore MLT’s (muscles, ligaments, tendons), reduces inflammation, promotes increased cellular oxidation, synthesizes byproducts of healing, reduces pain from injury speeds healing

1050nm – non-visible delivers heat to bones and joints, aids in arthritis pain relief, brings oxygen rich blood to damaged areas, increases metabolic rate synthesis waste

“I feel healthier than ever. I believe doing red light and cryotherapy together has improved my immune system” – Trent

Benefits of Red Light Therapy

  1. Builds collagen
  2. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles (crows feet)
  3. Repairs sun damage
  4. Speeds up healing of acne & blemishes
  5. Fades scars and stretch marks
  6. Moisturizes your skin
  7. Smoothes overall skin tone
  8. Gives skin natural and healthy glow
  9. Speeds up healing of wounds & injury
  10. Decreases visibility of psoriasis

“The Rio Tan staff was very friendly and customized a membership for me” – Sylvia

How long does the process take and how often do you do it?

It’s recommended to get the maximum benefits to do 12 minute sessions 3-5 times a week.

What types of packages do you offer?

We offer packages for red light therapy that can be customized. View our monthly specials here.

Create a Better Version of You with Red Light Therapy